For many years this site has been a reference point for Morris Eights until the host closed down. Because of a number of requests for the information contained on the site it has been reinstated almost in its "barn find" condition on the Morris register website. Some of the links have been updated but some will inevitable be out of date but they can be updated by request to the Register's webmaster

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The aim of this site is to bring together Morris 8 enthusiasts throughout the world, but particularly in Britain; to provide information on the availability of spare parts and services needed to keep these excellent vehicles on the road; to act as an exchange of hints and tips between owners; and to try and arrange occasional summer evening runs in various areas.

It is not an official Morris 8 site.  It is not produced or sponsored by either the manufacturers of the vehicle or any club or organisation, nor is it subsidised by paid advertising; it is the project of an independent private enthusiast and owner. Over the past few years I've been building up my own file of useful information, and I'd like to make it generally available. I'd also appreciate your help in making it even more comprehensive and useful.

I will be including lists or databases of clubs, publications and suppliers where possible. I do not claim that these are complete, comprehensive or even necessarily correct. If you spot any omission or error, please let me know by e-mail at ( And if you have any technical information, amusing stories or good pictures of your own Morris 8 that you'd like to see here, do let me know.

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