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1948 Eight Series E

Allan Price writes from Adelaide -email

My Car is a 1948 Morris , Series "E", Four Door Fixed Head Saloon. It was sold by a company here in Adelaide, South Australia, called Motors Limited in September 1948, to a Reverend R. Jessup. for £530, I don't know any more of its history until I acquired it in October 1998.  The only non standard items are a 12v. electrical system and paint color, it was originally black.  But over the last fortnight the temperature here has exceeded 34 degrees Celsius every day, you can see why I changed the color. The old girl has given me a lot of pleasure and has been very reliable over the last two years since its restoration.

Side view

He also has an 850 Mini which he says "is now completely dismantled, and the parts search has started. It took me several months to find a genuine 850, this one has had the later doors with windup windows fitted, however I have already located a set of correct doors. Over here it is easier to find a Morris Minor of any model, than an 850 Mini. I was reading an article where they are sending Container loads of Minor bodies to England as we don't have the rust problem over here you have.

By the way the "E" was restored for the National Morris Rally in Ballarrat in Victoria over Easter this year, and the Mini has now been put aside for a later date,and I have over the last twelve months restored a Morris Oxford series MO for the National Morris Register Rally in Queensland this Easter (2002). As the round trip to the rally and back will be over 2500 miles the Oxford is a better car than the Mini.