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1948 Morris Utilevan Commercial Vehicle


This is my Morris Utilevan Commercial Vehicle.

My grandfather bought it new in 1948 and it has been in our family since. It is a Y Model 10cwt Van based on a 12/4 pre war Morris converted by Martin Walter of Folkestone. We believe that these vehicles may have been used as "TILLYs" during WW2.

It has a TK3 4 cylinder sidevalve engine with a 3 speed floor mounted gearbox.


The conversion is side windows and seats that fold into the floor. It can be used as Van or a 7 seater.

Clear space

It is like a Woodie in many ways in that has a wood framed canvas roof and wooden door frames and interior. We are unsure of it's manafacturing date at this stage.

At this time, this is the only example of this vehicle we can find. In it's early days "Tilly" as we referred to it as, was used as a State School Mobile Library by my Auntie and later as a farm runabout by my grandfather. My father rescued it in 1978 in rather poor condition and fully stripped and rebuilt it. My parents then used it as a Club vehicle until 2000 when I took over the responsibility for this rather unique vehicle. It is only now that I have started researching it's history that we are discovering that this is a really rare vehicle, possibly the only one left in existance.

What an adventure this is turning out to be!

More pictures and a Brochure

If anyone reading this has any knowledge of these vehicles please email me at